Jean-Noël Lafargue, born in 1968, is a Professor of Digital Design at the École Supérieure d’Art et Design Le Havre/Rouen and the University of Paris VIII, a blogger and author of technical works on programming, two pedagogical comic strips (Internet, with Mathieu Burniat, and L’Intelligence Artificielle, (“Artificial Intelligence”) with Marion Montaigne), as well as other books on technology and popular culture.

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Infiltrating Social Networks: How to Work and “Work Around” Social Networks to Convey a Message
Thierry Bardini, Caroline Bernard, Anna Jobin, Jean-Noël Lafargue, Nicolas Nova
Part of the conference To Buzz or Not to Buzz: A Look at Virality, March 14, 2019, HEAD – Genève.

Did You Come? Did You Buzz?
Dora Moutot, with Jean-Noël Lafargue and Caroline Bernard
Lecture, 14 March 2019, HEAD – Genève

Jean-Noël Lafargue, The Last of the Blogs

Scientists Of America, a site of scientific hoaxes

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