The Observatory has collected filmed interviews that provide a general overview of the various issues raised by virality. Theorists and practicians contribute by describing phenomena such as memes, strategies for the dissemination of information of social networks, or the implicit rules of governance of Internet platforms.

Projet de recherche, financement RCDAV 2017–2019
Haute école d’art et de design – Genève


Marine Badan ▴ Designer: Aren’t You Sick Of This?

Christophe Genoud ▴ Vice-Chancellor, Geneva: Actions Against Abstentionism

Mademoiselle B ▴ Lifestyle Influencer: Being an Influencer

Nicolas Nova ▴ Anthropologist: The Internet Culture of Memes

Corentin Penloup ▴ Designer: The Baton Roue Meme

Alma (Schmitt) ▴ Former Influencer: Life as a Thirteen-Year-Old Influencer

Douglas Edric Stanley ▴ Artist and Activist: The Struggle Against Trolls and the Alt-Right


Thierry Bardini ▴ Sociologist: The Sphere of Virality 

Ruedi Baur ▴ Designer: Civic Avalanche

Caroline Bernard ▴ Researcher, Viral Design: Methodologies for Socially Conscious Buzz, HEAD

Demian Conrad ▴ Designer: Gutenberg, Bubble Jets and LCDs

Anna Jobin ▴ Sociologist: How to Create Buzz in 42,017 Stages

Jean-Noël Lafargue ▴ Researcher: An Overview of Social Networks Since 1995

Dora Moutot ▴ Journalist, Feminist Influencer: Did You Come? Did You Buzz?

Nicolas Nova ▴ Anthropologist: The Evolution of Meme Culture

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Manufacturing Images the Impact of Social Networks on Design ▸
Ruedi Baur, Demian Conrad, Dora Moutot, Nicolas Nova, Jérôme Baratelli
14 March 2019, HEAD-Genève.

Infiltrating Social Networks How to Work and “Work Around” Social Networks to Convey a Message
Jean-Noël Lafargue, Anna Jobin, Thierry Bardini, Nicolas Nova
14 March 2019, HEAD-Genève.


The World According to Terms of Use Jean-Noël Lafargue and Anna Jobin interviewed by Caroline Bernard and Jérôme Baratelli

Virus, Viral, Virality: From Germs to Buzz Thierry Bardini and Dora Moutot, interviewed by Caroline Bernard and Jérôme Baratelli