Dora Moutot is a journalist, blogger, and feminist activist. She was formerly the Editor-in-Chief of Konbini, and worked as an editor at France 2. Her writing has appeared in Le Monde, Glamour, Stylist, Usbeck et Rica, etc. Actively present on the Web, Moutot has created several communities around a number of themes: “The Gazette of Bad Taste,” as well as “Did you Come?”, or “How to Hack Your Intestines.” Her first book, released in April 2019, is À Fleur de Pet
(“On the Brink of a Fart”) and it deals with chronic illness and intestines.

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Virus, Viral, Virality: From Germs to Buzz▸
An interview with Thierry Bardini and Dora Moutot by Caroline Bernard and Jérôme Baratelli
15 March, 2019, HEAD – Genève.

Manufacturing Images: the Impact of Social Networks on Design
Ruedi Baur, Demian Conrad, Dora Moutot, Nicolas Nova, Jérôme Baratelli
14 March, 2019, HEAD – Genève.

Dora Moutot, Instagram account Did you Come?

Caroline Bernard, Did You Come? Did You Buzz?, on the Le Temps blog, published on 11 March, 2019