Thierry Bardini et Dora Moutot
have a conversation with Caroline Bernard and Jérôme Baratelli

Thierry Bardini and Dora Moutot discuss both viruses and virality, ranging from the viruses inside a body to those that rage throughout the world, and a virtual world that is always a bit fantasized.

15 March 2019, HEAD – Genève.

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Dora Moutot, Did You Come? Did You Buzz? with Jean-Noël Lafargue and Caroline Bernard

Thierry Bardini, The Sphere of Virality 

Manufacturing Images: the Impact of Social Networks on Design
Ruedi Baur, Demian Conrad, Dora Moutot, Nicolas Nova, Jérôme Baratelli
14 mars 2019, HEAD – Genève.

Infiltrating Social Networks: How to Work and “Work Around” Social Networks to Convey a Message
Jean-Noël Lafargue, Anna Jobin, Thierry Bardini, Nicolas Nova
March 14, 2019, HEAD – Genève.

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