Demian Conrad, an internationally-recognized, award-winning designer from Tessin, Switzerland is currently based in Lausanne. He is no stranger to the contemporary art scene, and demonstrates in multiple ways how to enrich his visual vocabulary with avant-garde concepts. Working across the boundaries of different media, he successfully experiments with new technologies—from interactive typography in exhibition design to new methods for book design generated by algorithms. In collaboration with HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art and Design) in Geneva, Conrad co-founded a new Experimental Laboratory, further underscoring his commitment to the future of design language. 

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La fabrication des images : quelle peut être l’incidence des réseaux sociaux sur le design?
Ruedi Baur, Demian Conrad, Dora Moutot, Nicolas Nova, Jérôme Baratelli,
Table ronde dans le cadre du colloque Buzz ou pas buzz ? État des lieux de la viralité, 14 mars 2019, HEAD – Genève.

Demian Conrad, site personnel

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